Sunday, 31 August 2008

Day 242 Amazing what sunshine can do

Phew! No need to nip to the shops when it was such a lovely day. There is nothing quite like sunshine to make you forget about worries and enjoy things. I took it easy, went for a walk, read the paper and was invited rounds to friends for Saturday evening.

We enjoyed the late summer evening.
Didn't think about clothes ro fashion once!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Day 241

Longing to go shopping. I could go and buy a whole new wardrobe. It is on the A/W season that does this to me. It really is that back to school syndrome.
I'm going to attempt to thrift instead - I'm sceptical about this as I find charity shops quite smelly. I seem to go into ones that smell of wee or the person near me does! Terrible thing to say I know but I've been spoon fed on high street shops, mind you I suppose Primark gets very grubby.
Even as I write my mind is mentally purchasing items.
Will this longing ever end?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Day 238 Officially been rubbish

You know what I have been unproductive and stupid all because I was swayed by a person whom I much admire as a journalist and broadcaster. But it took the common sense and honesty of a nobody (sorry SharonRose) to make me see sense and get back in the saddle so to speak.

The lovely SharonRose has a great, in fact two great blogs and it was her new blog $haronRose - $pending, $aving, Me that inspired me to rethink and make the effort to do something about my debt again.

Originally I was inspired by Make Do & Mend a book by Kate Battrick and of the blog Make Do & Mend she really got me in the budget mindset and I started the year quite well but then felt I was being a self indulgent t**t and stopped obsessing about my attempt not to spend. So things have gone slightly down hill but I feel it is even more important to get back on track.

I've managed to reduce my credit card debt to £2756 and my overdraft is at £600 but I need to make more effort to be debt free. I'm so easily beguiled by new clothes and the excitement of a new look I find it hard to resist a purchase. So here's hoping blogging will give me the extra stress to fess up to bad thoughts or deeds

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Back in the fold

After months of thinking it was self indulgent twaddle to write about your battle with spending I came across blogs that did just that!
It has inspired me to keep a blog diary again to help me kick the spending habit.
I'm going to work out my approach but will start posting again soon!