Thursday, 4 September 2008

Day 246 - reduction

Hurrah! Today has seen a reduction of £155.87 on the old credit card bill and nothing added as yet.
My estimated interest for next month is £39.83, this is so hideous and is a big warning on the follies of credit. I haven't changed to an interest free because I'm worried I would spend on the card. This way I learn the hard way and it stays learnt.

I'm fighting the shopping urges even the its only £5.00 ones!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there!! Great news of debt reduction on the credit card. I do feel for you on the interest, we were paying about £50 in interest on mine and hubbys cards for a long time until the greatest day (from family help) when both cards were settled in full! Oh never again, no item is worth it!! You've done incredibly well since the start of the year, keep it up!

Make Do and Mend said...

Glad it is going in the right direction. I know it is so hard to stay focused.