Friday, 26 September 2008

Day 268 - mixed bag

First the good news, I was away on a work jolly so had the complete luxury of no food bill etc for over a week. Sometimes working away has it's benefits but it meant when I got back to London I went over my allotted £20 spend for September by £35. I bought a dress.

I'm really happy with the dress but not that happy I couldn't stick to the goals I set for the month. I've sorted out some clothes and put them on ebay. I've decided on a one in and one out policy, plus a sort out of clothes into using for gym, dusters and off to recycling.

It seems less is more. I can see things better.

The stupid thing is my saving on grocery bills has been used up by a clothes purchase when it should have gone against reducing my debt. Sometimes I can be a real idiot.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-good for you, I reckon the dress is a deserved treat for the work jolly, plus the grocery savings went on the dress, rather than being frittered away!! Enjoy the dress my dear and the weekend! In context, I'm sure this months clothes spend for you is better than previous months spending!

Make Do and Mend said...

It is so hard not to buy something. I like the one in and out deal.

Frugal Trenches said...

Forgive yourself and move on is my motto!


Angelwynxx said...

Sorry to hear about that. Next time you know what to do!

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